About us

At Server Sorcery we understand your frustrations with technology. You want things to be easy, and you want tech to improve productivity, not to slow you down. Technology often feels like a cost center, but it's the life-blood of your business. Tell us about your technology needs, and we'll guide you to a solution even if it doesn't make us any money. We believe in best practices and best solutions, and that the needs of every business and individual are different. We don't want to sell you a mystery box, we want to build you a secure and reliable system. Serving our local Montgomery, Delaware, and Chester counties, and the greater Philadelphia area.

"Frequently Asked Questions" stock photo
  • Can you fix...[problem_xyz]?

Yes, probably, maybe, definitely. Let's talk about what needs fixing!

  • How much would it be to...?

We offer a variety of services, and work on either a contract (hourly) or flat-rate pricing. Reach out with your request and get an estimate.

  • Where exactly are you located?

We don't have a physical office, but we serve primarily Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery county, Pennsylvania.